Your in-laws live in a red state; you live in a blue one, but they brought the Remedy to go with dinner. #findtheupside
Families are crazy. All kinds of crazy. Actually they’re your kind of crazy. #findtheupside
There’s one in every family…and it’s you. #findtheupside
Your family is 5,000 miles away. Your best friends are across town. #findtheupside
Bars—Full of hipsters. But there’s Upside at home. #findtheupside
Enjoy the Thrill of not one Hipster in your favorite bar. #findtheupside
When you walk into the bar, they don’t know your name. They do know how you like your Martini though #findtheupside
You just got a drunken text from your crush. In vino veritas! #findtheupside
Your favorite neighborhood dive bar is under new management and mood lighting. But the truffle fries kick ass with Free Rein. #findtheupside
It’s packed inside the bar and you’re not in the mood. The bartender recognizes you, “This one’s on the house.” #findtheupside
Your co-workers drag you to a lame piano bar. Aww yea, the pianist takes requests. Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaah…#findtheupside
You get better looking every day, so Tuesday’s going to be awesome. Especially with Upside Thrill. #findtheupside
It’s (another) diet Monday…here’s to Friday. Upside Remedy. #findtheupside
There’s a Monday morning meeting at 9am. But, being fully awake isn’t really necessary to hear about this quarter’s financials. Also, free bagels. #findtheupside
It’s been a long, long day and it’s only 1pm. Luckily, you’ve got a bottle of Upside in your desk drawer. Thank goodness for screw caps!#findtheupside
Rainy Monday and you’re late for work. You didn’t want to sit through that 8am meeting anyway. #findtheupside
Version 11 of your TPS report just came back with changes. On the plus side, your team is ready willing and more than able to knock out version 12 #findtheupside
So late for work this morning you’re still wearing last night’s makeup – and it’s morphed into the perfect “smoky eye” #findtheupside.
Your inbox is full. Full of birthday wishes. #findtheupside
Tickets sold out to a crowd who just discovered the band you’ve loved for years, but you know a guy who knows a guy…#findtheupside
With a straight face, your date just referred to him/herself as a “social media guru”. Luckily your BFF is waiting for the “Get me out of here” text. #findtheupside
It’s pouring rain on your camping trip and there’s no wireless. The tent, however, is warm and dry and Free Rein is cool and crisp. #findtheupside
You’ve been called into the boss’s office. But it’s for proper recognition for a job well done. Cheers to you, my friend. #findtheupside
Your favorite pair of jeans is in the laundry, but who needs pants when you’re working from home? #findtheupside
Your grumpy neighbor beat you to the laundry room, but he left 25 minutes on the dryer. #findtheupside
They’re wearing the same outfit you are. But you make it look goooood. #findtheupside
You think you left your jacket at the restaurant, which gives you a perfectly valid reason to go back and talk to the cute waitress again. #findtheupside
Your roommates used the last drop of your shampoo; at least they pay 1/3 of the rent. #findtheupside
No watermelon at the farmers market but hey, cheese is always in season. #findtheupside
Summer Street Fest = traffic nightmare, but you just found a parking spot in front of your apartment. The Parking Gods have your back #findtheupside
Your ex has officially moved on…Finally! Cheers to freedom #findtheupside
Your ex cheated on you with a guy you used to work with. His nickname was “Crazy Eyes.” Cheers to the perfect couple with Upside Thrill. #findtheupside
You can’t make it to Burning Man this year. But the city will be smoke-free and easy on Labor Day. #findtheupside
No open tables, but the food trucks in San Francisco are amazing. What a thrill! #findtheupside
You just passed a sushi joint with a neon sign that says ‘CAT HERE’. After a moment of disbelief you realize the ‘EAT HERE’ sign is broken. #findtheupside
You know a perfect meal is talking about your lives with your closest friends, not having long conversations about the heritage of the tomatoes in your salad. #findtheupside
It is Saturday night, you wander in, and the hostess says, “Your reservation is ready”. You don’t have a reservation. Enjoy the Thrill #findtheupside
Your dining companions ordered a bottle, lobster, and filet mignon for lunch. You talked a little business, so this one goes on the expense report. #findtheupside
The Giants lost, but Say-Hey! It was Bobble head day! #findtheupside
Your team, your friends and the weather is fine-that’s why we live here right? #findtheupside
Your date loves the A’s, but at least they like baseball (and they’re keeping it in Northern Cal). #findtheupside
Your date just confessed they love the Giants more than they love you. And you agree. #findtheupside
Your date thinks you’re obsessed and tells you to choose between him and Hunter Pence. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Hunter, call me! #findtheupside
The fog’s rolling in, it’s freezing, and the seagulls are early. But bases are loaded, it’s bottom of the 9th and Panda’s up at bat. #findtheupside
Downside: You’re on a flight to NYC and you’re sitting next to a newborn (on a red-eye? Really??) Upside: ‘Book of Mormon’, b*tches! #findtheupside
Jet lag is a b*tch when traveling. But the mini-bar is always open. #findtheupside
The downside is that they don’t speak English. The upside: They don’t speak any English! Let the adventures begin! #findtheupside
TSA says “No nunchucks in your carry-on”, but you can check them along with your batteries and gel candles (Don’t judge: It’s a bachelorette party.) #findtheupside
Everyone’s getting the pat-down through security. Hey, man, that’s more action than you’ve gotten all month. #findtheupside
You were at the hotel bar until last call. Ouch. The upside? Blackout curtains. #findtheupside
Traffic is backed up on the Bridge, but you’re carpooling with someone who can hook you up with a sweet new gig. #findtheupside
Muni smells like $#*!, but it drops you off in the heart of San Francisco. #findtheupside
You snag the last clean seat on Muni; a perfect day to buy a lotto ticket? #findtheupside
The best part of your two-hour commute is coming home to Free Rein. #findtheupside
What’s getting you down?