Beer tends to reign supreme at BBQs but for those who prefer wine (or who just have good taste) try bringing a rose next time!

Why might we suggest rose instead of white wine or a bubbly Anchor Steam?

Well, firstly, we dare to be different.

Secondly, rose pairs with practically anything you would throw on the grill - sausages, chicken, fish, vegetables - as well as salads and appetizers. White wines delightful too, of course (see Free Rein), but is more limited when it comes to pairings.

Rose is versatile, served cold (ahhh), and appeals to most palettes because it aint quite white and it aint quite red!

And if you want to really bring something unique, try making this refreshing Blackberry Rose cocktail:

As if BBQs didnt have enough upside to begin with, now theres even more with a crisp rose. Bottoms up!