Always a Thrill and hand-crafted #findtheupside

Always a Thrill and hand-crafted #findtheupside

When you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco, you might stumble upon a wine tasting opportunity or two. If the idea of clinking glasses with a bunch of wine snobs throwing around terms like “acidity” and “bouquet” sounds a little intimidating, let Upside break it down for you:

1.      SEE – here’s where you see perfectly sane people peering very seriously at a glass of wine from every angle. Those “in the know” may declare the color clear and brilliant, or cloudy and dull.  Our view from the Upside - my glass is half full! (For now!) #SeetheUpside

2.      SWIRL – go ahead, swirl it! Create a tornado in the glass. While the dedicated oenophile might demurely note the wine’s “legs”, an Upsider never holds back. One of our favorite shout-outs – this wine’s got legs, and it knows how to use them! #SwirltheUpside

3.      SMELL – get your nose in there and take a whiff!  Common feedback includes “a hint of…asparagus, vanilla, raspberry…” YAWN! Our Upside contribution– smells like a good time with good friends. #SmelltheUpside

4.      SIP – finally…the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Bottoms up! While we appreciate those that appreciate complicated wine, that’s not what Upside is all about. Hand-crafted with love right here in San Francisco, Upside is sustainable, sophisticated and goes great with every occasion. #SiptheUpside

You can taste Upside this weekend at an event where you can feel comfortable skipping steps 1-3 above, and start sipping right away. Join us this Saturday, June 7th, at Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant. Find out more and then #FindtheUpside.