This Saturday is the Summer Solstice and in honor of summers official wine, were dropping some rose knowledge on you for the next couple weeks. A little rose expose, if you will.

1. Some of the worlds first wines were rose! Rose has been traced back to the Ancient Greeks and its believed that much of the red wine made then was a pale red - similar in color to todays rose. Well drink to that!

2. Why were the Greeks marching around in togas and partying with pink wines? Because Dionysus said so. And partly because winemaking was different back then and they didnt spend as much time letting the juices stew with the grape skins as we do now. The longer the juice hangs out with the skins, the darker the wine will be!

3. Roses are typically blends of red wine grapes like Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. At Upside, we hand-make ours from our kick-ass, critically acclaimed Pinot Noir grapes.

4. Like Mickey Rourke, rose does not improve with age. Youll want the freshest, most recent vintage possible. So grab your bottle of 2013 Upside Thrill Rose before its too late. But make sure you have extras in case our Indian summer decides to settle in and stay a while!

Stay tuned for more about our favorite wine this summer!