Find the Upside on this not so typical San Francisco day! Stay cool!

Find the Upside on this not so typical San Francisco day! Stay cool!

There is nothing like a sweltering day in the city, mostly because there aren’t that many of them (hello fog!). We know what you’re thinking; heat means sitting at home in front of your freezer since roughly nine buildings in San Francisco have air conditioning. BUT, the upside of a hot day is all the great new places to explore--with AC. So here you have it folks—our top 4 places to go on a blazing hot day in San Francisco.

1.      The Exploratorium

Yes, you’re not in elementary school anymore, but there is still a ton of fun stuff to do and learn about at the Exploratorium. You can also see a cow’s eyeball get cut open—proceed with caution!

2.      The Boudin Museum and Bakery

Fresh sourdough bread made in San Francisco, need we say more?

3.      The Legion of Honor

By far the most underrated of all the SF art museums (move over MOMA), the Legion of Honor is home to some of the most historical art in SF--Rodin’s Thinker, anyone?

4.      The Walt Disney Family Museum

Three words—miniature model of Disneyland. Okay yes, that’s four.

Of course, there are loads of other things to do in San Francisco when it’s hot, and if lying in the middle of your kitchen floor with some chilled locally made wine (*ahem* like Upside) is your idea of a great day, then Godspeed.

Whatever the weather, we challenge you to look for the Upside.