How to make the most out of your Outside Lands weekend!

Image: Outside Lands

Image: Outside Lands

How to make the most out of your Outside Lands weekend!

Weve gifted you our OSL soundtrack, told you what local food well be eating at Taste of the Bay Area, and you already know what well be drinking (Upside, A.P. VIN and other California wine!). This week weve got you covered when it comes to the details. Not as sexy, but will hopefully maximize your time at the shows and in Wine Lands!

1. What will the packing police let you bring?

           Blankets (bring layers!)

           Soft-sided coolers no larger than a 12-pack size

           Regular-size/unframed backpacks

           Two factory-sealed water bottles up to 1 liter each

           Empty Camelbak or other empty plastic container (i.e., Nalgene bottle)

           Ice in soft-sided cooler or Camelbak - no large bags allowed

           Binoculars (because errybody wants to see Kanye)

           Personal cameras with a detachable lens 2 inches or shorter

2. Where can you keep it?

PayPal is offering lockers on a first-come, first-served basis so start running the second you get in! All pre-paid lockers are sold out. You snooze, you lose.

3. How are you going to get there?

We recommend getting a pre-paid 3 day shuttle pass for $45 that will take you between Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF and the festival.

Or, if the weathers nice - bike! There will be a bike parking valet for free!

4. Wait, you dont have your ticket?!

General Admission and VIP tix are sold out so your best bet now is on Craigslist, Stubhub, or chancing it by showing up at the festival and paying up for a spare ticket.

Gates open at 11 am, music starts at 12 pm. Only one week left until our favorite thing to do in San Francisco!


What you need to eat at Outside Lands this year!

As much as were excited for this years musical acts at Outside Lands, lets admit that just like most social engagements were all really going for the food. Baby showers, birthday parties, weddings - were just there for the food.

This year is no different and we couldnt be more excited for the gobbling that will ensue and of course the imbibing opportunities this presents to wash it all down.

Here are our top picks for this year:

Freshroll Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls:  Banh mi sandwiches, taro chips, papaya salads *Our pairing suggestion: Upsides Free Rein white wine (if were lucky enough to get our hands on some!)

The Little Chihuahua: Fajita burritos pollo asado, fajita burritos carne asada, fried plantain & black bean burritos *Our pairing suggestion: A.P. VIN Pinot Noir, of course!

Southpaw BBQ & Southern Kitchen: Smoked brisket sandwiches, braised collared greens *Our pairing suggestion: Upsides Thrill Rose (fingers crossed!)

Long Meadow Ranch: Cheese and Charcuterie *Our pairing suggestion: Upsides Free Rein white wine wins again!

Three Babes Bake Shop: Apple and Chocolate Pecan Pies *Our pairing suggestion: Vanilla ice cream from Three Twins. No contest.

To bring you back out of your food coma, Blue Bottle will be there to heal. Well see you there!

Your personalized soundtrack for Outside Lands! #findtheupside #OutsideLands #WineLands #Tiesto #Disclosure #CutCopy



There’s only one month left until Outside Lands and Upside is here with the soundtrack to get you concert ready! Check out these great songs from some of our favorite artists from this year’s line up.

Outside Lands tip: You can use their website to create your own custom line up!

And be sure to stop by Wine Lands that weekend to savor wine from A.P. VIN (and maybe some Upside if we’re lucky) as you rock out at this year’s stacked festival!

Tiesto - “Maximal Crazy”ësto

- We love this song for getting ready to go out. Pass the wine bottle, please!

Disclosure - “You & Me”

- What a great workout song! Get after it!

The Killers - “Shot at the Night”

- We cue this song up as we’re cruising through the long afternoon work hours

Cut Copy - “We are Explorers”

- For exploring the city, duh!

Lykke Li - “Little Bit”

- Classic Lykke Li. Great for a long run on the Embarcadero!

What your BBQ may be missing


Beer tends to reign supreme at BBQs but for those who prefer wine (or who just have good taste) try bringing a rose next time!

Why might we suggest rose instead of white wine or a bubbly Anchor Steam?

Well, firstly, we dare to be different.

Secondly, rose pairs with practically anything you would throw on the grill - sausages, chicken, fish, vegetables - as well as salads and appetizers. White wines delightful too, of course (see Free Rein), but is more limited when it comes to pairings.

Rose is versatile, served cold (ahhh), and appeals to most palettes because it aint quite white and it aint quite red!

And if you want to really bring something unique, try making this refreshing Blackberry Rose cocktail:

As if BBQs didnt have enough upside to begin with, now theres even more with a crisp rose. Bottoms up!

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rose

This Saturday is the Summer Solstice and in honor of summers official wine, were dropping some rose knowledge on you for the next couple weeks. A little rose expose, if you will.

1. Some of the worlds first wines were rose! Rose has been traced back to the Ancient Greeks and its believed that much of the red wine made then was a pale red - similar in color to todays rose. Well drink to that!

2. Why were the Greeks marching around in togas and partying with pink wines? Because Dionysus said so. And partly because winemaking was different back then and they didnt spend as much time letting the juices stew with the grape skins as we do now. The longer the juice hangs out with the skins, the darker the wine will be!

3. Roses are typically blends of red wine grapes like Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. At Upside, we hand-make ours from our kick-ass, critically acclaimed Pinot Noir grapes.

4. Like Mickey Rourke, rose does not improve with age. Youll want the freshest, most recent vintage possible. So grab your bottle of 2013 Upside Thrill Rose before its too late. But make sure you have extras in case our Indian summer decides to settle in and stay a while!

Stay tuned for more about our favorite wine this summer!

San Francisco’s must attend music festivals of 2014 !

#winelands 2014

#winelands 2014

The season of long nights, spontaneous road trips, and live music is here—Summer! San Francisco is home to multiple music festivals throughout the summer and early fall. Here are a few of our favorites, and no surprise, these are also great venues to kick back with a glass of wine and listen to your favorite artists.

First off is the Stern Grove Festival . This is an ongoing festival that occurs every Sunday from June 22nd to August 24th. Here’s the kicker—it’s free! This year’s lineup does not disappoint, from Smokey Robinson to Andrew Bird, there is something for everyone. One of our favorite perks about the Stern Grove Festival is it is BYOW (Bring your own wine); just make sure it’s in a non-glass container!

Next up we have Outside Lands . One of the more well-known and popular festivals in San Francisco attracts big headliners like Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Vampire Weekend. This year’s lineup is no different—Kanye West, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and The Killers. From August 8-10th you can enjoy live music, Beer Lands , Outsider Art , The Barbary , and most importantly, Wine Lands ! You may see a familiar face there this year, Andrew (the heart and soul of Upside Wines) will be there pouring his A.P. VIN—and if we’re lucky, there will be a little Upside as well!

One of our favorite fall festivals is Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Although the lineup is not announced yet, last year drew names from Father John Misty to Steve Martin. This festival never disappoints. And just like Stern Grove, bringing your own wine is 100% welcome. Nothing sounds better to us than live music with a little Upside!


The Upside of Wine Tasting...

Always a Thrill and hand-crafted #findtheupside

Always a Thrill and hand-crafted #findtheupside

When you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco, you might stumble upon a wine tasting opportunity or two. If the idea of clinking glasses with a bunch of wine snobs throwing around terms like “acidity” and “bouquet” sounds a little intimidating, let Upside break it down for you:

1.      SEE – here’s where you see perfectly sane people peering very seriously at a glass of wine from every angle. Those “in the know” may declare the color clear and brilliant, or cloudy and dull.  Our view from the Upside - my glass is half full! (For now!) #SeetheUpside

2.      SWIRL – go ahead, swirl it! Create a tornado in the glass. While the dedicated oenophile might demurely note the wine’s “legs”, an Upsider never holds back. One of our favorite shout-outs – this wine’s got legs, and it knows how to use them! #SwirltheUpside

3.      SMELL – get your nose in there and take a whiff!  Common feedback includes “a hint of…asparagus, vanilla, raspberry…” YAWN! Our Upside contribution– smells like a good time with good friends. #SmelltheUpside

4.      SIP – finally…the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Bottoms up! While we appreciate those that appreciate complicated wine, that’s not what Upside is all about. Hand-crafted with love right here in San Francisco, Upside is sustainable, sophisticated and goes great with every occasion. #SiptheUpside

You can taste Upside this weekend at an event where you can feel comfortable skipping steps 1-3 above, and start sipping right away. Join us this Saturday, June 7th, at Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant. Find out more and then #FindtheUpside.

Wine and Wine: All the essentials for your Summer Soiree.

Rose for summer in San Francisco! #findtheupside

Rose for summer in San Francisco! #findtheupside

We would like to preface this by saying we understand that you need more for a summer soiree than just wine—although we don’t want to believe it.

We love the summer in San Francisco, the morning fog, the afternoon sun—it’s the best of both worlds. There is also nothing better than a summer kickoff party to get the season started. Here are some of our essentials for the perfect laid back summer soiree.

1.      Cheese

Obvious choice. If there is one thing we love as much as wine, it’s cheese. The San Francisco/Bay Area has fantastic local cheese. One of our favorites is Cowgirl Creamery out of Point Reyes. And our favorite place to find it? The Ferry Building, AKA: Cheese heaven

2.      Raspberries

There really doesn’t need to be an explanation. Raspberries are the perfect summer fruit (especially if they are grown in California). If you’re allergic, we’re sorry. The upside—watermelon!

3.      Good Music

No judgment from us for what you classify as “good music”. Whatever makes you get down with your bad self is okay by us.

4.      A sweater/blanket

Real talk. It’s San Francisco. It’s going to get cold.

5.      Wine

And for the main attraction . . . wine! We don’t (always) like to toot our own horn—but our Free Reign white blend and Thrill rose are the perfect addition to any summer party—or fall, winter and spring for that matter. It’s made in San Francisco right in the heart of the Mission, and in our opinion, California wine is the best wine.

Happy summer!

Upside Delivers!

San Francisco has it all. From delicious and sustainable local food to one of the best baseball teams in the country—it’s pretty easy to #findtheupside when you live in the City by the Bay.

Now, we've made it even easier! Get locally made Upside wine delivered to your door the same day you order it. AND, for a limited time, it’s free!

Sixdoors has partnered with us to provide you with free same day delivery starting today.  So fill your basket and enter the promo code FINDTHEUPSIDE at checkout. Like all good things, the free part will come to an end, so order today!




The Upside of San Francisco: Four places to go on the hottest day of the year.

Find the Upside on this not so typical San Francisco day! Stay cool!

Find the Upside on this not so typical San Francisco day! Stay cool!

There is nothing like a sweltering day in the city, mostly because there aren’t that many of them (hello fog!). We know what you’re thinking; heat means sitting at home in front of your freezer since roughly nine buildings in San Francisco have air conditioning. BUT, the upside of a hot day is all the great new places to explore--with AC. So here you have it folks—our top 4 places to go on a blazing hot day in San Francisco.

1.      The Exploratorium

Yes, you’re not in elementary school anymore, but there is still a ton of fun stuff to do and learn about at the Exploratorium. You can also see a cow’s eyeball get cut open—proceed with caution!

2.      The Boudin Museum and Bakery

Fresh sourdough bread made in San Francisco, need we say more?

3.      The Legion of Honor

By far the most underrated of all the SF art museums (move over MOMA), the Legion of Honor is home to some of the most historical art in SF--Rodin’s Thinker, anyone?

4.      The Walt Disney Family Museum

Three words—miniature model of Disneyland. Okay yes, that’s four.

Of course, there are loads of other things to do in San Francisco when it’s hot, and if lying in the middle of your kitchen floor with some chilled locally made wine (*ahem* like Upside) is your idea of a great day, then Godspeed.

Whatever the weather, we challenge you to look for the Upside.

Elevate the everyday, starting…now.

2013 Free Rein bottling of champions!

2013 Free Rein bottling of champions!

Welcome to the club. A club of advocates, troublemakers, and raconteurs. We make wine. Wine for other advocates, troublemakers, and raconteurs. Wine that complements the crazy characters of this fine city, and beyond.

Upside Wines aren’t uppity or complicated. When we decided to create Upside, we promised to keep it simple enough for every day celebrations, and sophisticated enough to bring to your boss’s housewarming party. In fact, there’s an Upside for every occasion. Check out our Upside Generators. Any sound familiar?